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  • Relief team delivers medical aid at exponential scale

    Direct Relief's rapid response to COVID-19 relies on data analysis to scale and target its humanitarian medical supplies like no time before in its seven-decade history.

  • Healthcare providers count beds with modern analytics

    To best serve all patient populations, NHS and other healthcare organizations look to manage current and future capacity needs with predictive analytics.

  • Health heat maps purpose-built to keep staff safe

    Global health leader teams with Qlik to empower home-based care clients with data to better protect staff.

  • Australian government uses data to reemploy

    Analytics helps hundreds of thousands of Australians impacted by the pandemic to get back into the workforce.

  • Partnerships triage COVID-19 needs

    Analytical applications, powered by private and public partnerships, provide health security, education equality and supply chain continuity during uncertain times.

  • Health network app tracks PPE stock

    Insights into current healthcare supply data give hospital and mental health network management answers about staff, patient and stock levels of personal protective equipment (PPE).

“We need to use data and analytics to keep supporting those that are providing so many emergency services around the world. And we need to learn from this, boosting data literacy everywhere to recover and rebuild in the right way so this doesn’t happen again at this level.”

– Julie Kae, Executive Director, Qlik.org

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Industry leaders talk about the creative ways they're applying data and analytics for business continuity during COVID-19.

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